Here are just some of the services we can provide:

We are delighted to be able to offer Burns Pet Food loyalty cards free of charge in-store. The card is stamped each time you buy a bag of Burns food, once the card has 7 stamps, your next ...bag is free! The only proviso is that each bag purchased must be the same size and must be used only in Creature Comforts; Connah's Quay (2kg, 6kg, or 12kg). 

  • A full range of complete dog, cat, bird and small animal feed including the full range of "Burns" hypo-allergenic dog, cat and rabbit food (some sizes to order only)
  • Local Deliveries daily (conditions apply)
  • A Wide range of Prize Choice (Natures Menu) Frozen Minced Meats available from our freezer. (Special diets available to order from the Natures Menu range, just ask if we don't stock the variety and size that you want.)
  • Frozen Turtle food; Bloodworm and Tropical Quartet (Mixed) for aquariums from our freezer.
  • Monthly special offers ( see the Best Pets Local deals and the Special Offers section in the Home Section on the left)
  • We are a member of Best Pets Local, look out for the Monthly special offers via the link on the left.
  • Special order facility for any item you require that is listed by any of our many suppliers. We have deliveries weekly from most of our suppliers.
  • We can order special feeding requirements (excluding veterinary prescription diets) manufactured by most of the leading firms including Almo Nature; Arden Grange; Berriman's; Bozita's; Burgess; Canagan / Symply; Dodson & Horrel -Chudley's; Cobbydog; Connolly's Red Mills; Denes; Fish for Dogs; Fold Hill; Gain Greyhound and Horse feeds; Hills Pet Nutrition; Iams/Eukanuba; Mayfield; Pascoes; Pero; Pets Choice (Davies Ranger);Skinners; Simpson's; Pointer; Vitalin; Pedigree; Nestle Purina (Bakers/Beta/Pro Plan, Omega); Gilpa; Wafcol;  Wagg; Wilson's.  Most feed items are available in all sizes within 7 days.
  • Crown Pet Foods - Royal Canin Brands are all available for 3 day delivery subject to minimum weight.
  • If you want a Special Order item, why not visit hit the pet owner button and then the online catalogue button and search to see if Best Pets list the item you are interested in. If you find the item just make a note of the 6 digit order code and the price and we will order it for you.
  • If you can't find the product you need at BestPets, try our 2nd supplier again this website will list every item they stock, along with a retail price, just note the order code and price and we are happy to order the item for you
  • Most items ordered in this manner will be at a discount to the full retail prices listed.

Please get in touch with us for more details (see the Contact Us section on the left).

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